• 3 Tips for New Wine Tourists
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Have you been itching to explore the different vineyards around the world, but you don’t know much about planning a tour? For your next wine tour italy excursion, enthusiasts have provided 3 helpful tips that can help you get started.

Visit Old & New

Your wine tour should be diverse so that you can explore many different tastes and varieties. To add to the experience, you should plan to visit old wineries and newer establishments. Even though newer wineries don’t have a long history of producing excellent vinos, they can make your tour even more unique and give you different choices than more traditional establishments.

Time Your Tour

The time of year can have a significant impact on your tour and the experience you have. Some of the busiest times of year for wineries are during the summer and fall. If you want to visit during a peak season, or during harvest season, you should plan on heading out early on and avoiding some of the crowds that can accumulate throughout the day and evening. If you want a more intimate tour, try planning your tour during an off season.

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Have an Empty Box

It should be no surprise that on your wine tour, you end up taking home at least one bottle of superb wine. In order to make sure it gets back to your residence safely, you may want to bring along a box that can hold a few bottles of wine. You can store them securely and keep bottles from rolling and even breaking on your way home.

Using these tips, you can explore many unique places and bring home amazing bottles of wine with no trouble. Check out your area or even look outside your normal choices for fun and interesting vineyards you can tour.

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